sissi + pat


After many expeditions into the vintage and flea market world we are finally online. All treasures have been lovingly restored and photographed in the most beautiful light of Berlin. Oh hi Berlin - we spend most of our time here, travel with the individual districts and collect the most beautiful impressions together. With outofuseberlin a new era starts for us. We concentrate completely on what we love. An unbelievable feeling to contribute more every day and to be a blacksmith of our own luck (an old German proverb for sure). In the last few months we have been working towards building our own business. Whether notary visits, appointments with our by the way very smart tax consultant or telephone calls with felt thousands of offices. Our concept in turn was well thought out from the beginning. We knew what we wanted and what we did not want. Where our strengths are and in which topics we will get support from other creative minds. But our passion drives us forward constantly. There is nothing better for us to get up early on the summer weekends. We quickly get a cup of coffee from our favourite barista and head off to the first flea markets. We usually have breakfast there, with a lot of older ladies and gentlemen. Very rustic, cosy and not at all chic. But that's exactly what we love. Often we are so excited and can hardly wait to have a closer look at every flea market seller. We only buy pieces that we would wear ourselves or that we would like to see in our apartment. For each treasure we have an idea and get a story from every seller on the way, which we would like to share with the rest of the world. Outofuseberlin offers a curated selection that always comes from our hand. For outofuseberlin we also tear into other countries to bring the beauties of each city to Berlin. Our journey, which began a long time ago, is now more interesting because we would like to travel with many people.

Proud and full of love Sissi & Pat